TFA414 4G device

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Featuring internal GNSS and GSM antennas, configurable digital/analog input/negative input/ three DOUT outputs and Bluetooth connectivity, the TFA414 is a premier tracker. With the Tracking TFA414 (4G) GPS tracker you can secure, monitor and track both stationary and mobile equipment. The 4-G device uses advanced GPS & GPRS tracking technology and uses 4G data communication to provide your data tracker with complete information. In applications such as Fleet Management, Taxi Services, Public Transportation, Logistics Companies, Rental Car Companies, etc., this device model is ideal for acquiring the location of remote objects. 

Small Case 

Simple installation and a hard to find product. Small case with integrated GSM and GNSS antennas, power disconnection detection, backup battery, easy to mount. Tracker size is 2 RS232 &1 RS485 port. 

Support RFID for identify the drivers, fuel sensor for fuel monitor and management, camera and so on.

Various Vehicle 

The tracking TFA 414 (4G) GPS tracker is suitable for various vehicles, including trucks, commercial vehicles, and personal vehicles. 

 112C port. Support Temerature sensor  

Trip Detection 

Detection of trip start and stop gives you an opportunity to document each trip with accurate time, location, and driving distance. You can then use this single tracking system for a greater variety of 

 2 analog inputs 

Support analog output sensors, like analog load sensor.

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TFA414 4G device

Regular price 328 SR